5 Cozy Outdoor Fire Pit Designs

Fire pits rank among the most desirable outdoor home improvements, increasing a property’s quality of life and curb appeal. Family and friends can gather around the hearth in any season to enjoy good conversation, warmth, and even open-flame cooking. With the help of a landscape design-and-build firm, you can customize your hardscape fire pit to fit all your outdoor entertaining needs. 

Homeowners in McLean, VA, looking to build their dream fire pit can rely on the Comprehensive Services, Reliable Communication, and Quality Craftsmanship of Groff Landscape Design. From drafting to final inspection, our team works with clients and their families to maximize the potential of their landscape and deliver high-quality results. Start a project with our team by calling (703) 999-8225 and speaking to a representative. 

Below, we list 5 of the coziest fire pit ideas for your home:

Backyard Fire Pit Ideas for Your Landscape 

  • Gravel and Stone Fire Pit Designsfire pit McLean VA
    Gravel-and-stone fire pit installations provide an attractive and pragmatic approach to outdoor entertainment. Such a design involves creating a hard edge around the perimeter of the fire pit, such as stone, pressure-treated lumber, or concrete material. At the center of the space, fire bricks are laid to hold the pit itself.

    After establishing your stone fire pit, distribute crushed gravel as the perfect base for your seating and mingling area. Adding functional furniture, such as Adirondack chairs, creates a relaxing space for all to enjoy.

  • Tabletop Fire Pits
    Tabletop fire pits make a lovely addition to an existing deck or patio and add an element of grandeur to outdoor living spaces. To install one, property owners must either have a contractor run a natural gas or propane line to the tabletop pit or store a liquid propane tank in the base, like a BBQ grill.

    When not using the fire pit, homeowners should cover it with a material that matches the surrounding countertop. Doing so allows it to double as a tabletop for dining, drinks, and other uses. These multifunctional fire pits offer a convenient way to add ambiance with a simple turn of a knob.

  • Fire Pits with Cooking Grates
    Many backyard BBQ enthusiasts gravitate to fire pits for preparing meals over an open flame, as wood-driven fire can add a smoky flavor while locking in natural juices. You may also outfit your fire pit with cast iron cooking grates. Such installations often incorporate multiple layers, giving outdoor chefs a range of cooking temperatures. Set up a Dutch oven or double-boiler on one and lay out hot dogs and hamburgers on another.

  • Built-In Fire Pit Seating
    Fitting multiple chairs around a fire pit can be an inconvenience. However, installing permanent seating around the area offers a simple solution. Set aside part of your fire pit’s layout for fixed wood and stone seating on one or more sides. Reserve the remaining space for mobile chairs and mingling, giving everyone a clear view of the fire.

  • Smokeless Fire Pit Designs
    Sometimes, it seems smoke blows your direction no matter which side of the bonfire you’re on. This tendency has led to the popularity of smokeless fire pits, which leverage natural gas or liquid propane. A technician runs a designated line to a newly minted hardscape or utilizes an existing fire pit. Mechanical infrastructure, similar to an indoor gas fireplace, is integrated. Homeowners activate the flame using a matchless ignition, and the family can enjoy a smokeless evening.

Trusted Fire Pit Design Services Available in McLean, VA!

No matter what you want for your outdoor living space, a reputable landscape and design service can make your designs a reality. Groff Landscape Design works diligently with homeowners in McLean, VA, to produce high-quality fire pits tailored to every client’s needs. We also offer some of the best warranties in the industry! To Design and Build a Better Future, call (571) 351-2912 today.

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