5 Plumbing Tips To Save Water


Decreasing water usage can reduce utility bills and help conserve the local water supply. Your first steps in this process would probably include obvious solutions, such as turning off the sink when brushing your teeth or purchasing a rainwater tank. However, maintaining a pristine plumbing system through regular upkeep and residential or commercial plumbing services is a pillar of efficient water usage.

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Below, we outline 5 plumbing tips to reduce water usage:

1. Check for Leaks 

One of the biggest culprits of water waste in buildings is leaks. A seemingly minor drip from a faucet or showerhead can waste hundreds of gallons per month. To combat this possibility, establish a habit of checking for leaks around your property. Additionally, call a professional for swift plumbing repair services if you notice any leak symptoms—water damage, mold growth, hissing sounds, discolored water, or otherwise. 

2. Clear Drains 

Blocked drains can pressure plumbing fixtures until they burst or overflow with water waste. Although clogs may not seem pressing initially, neglected blockages can spiral into a water-wasting emergency. To avoid this, keep your drains clear. If you notice a clogged drain, seek professional drain cleaning services immediately. 

3. Replace Old Fixtures 

If you have old or worn-down plumbing fixtures (such as faucets, showerheads, and toilets) consider replacing them with water-efficient alternatives. Modern fixtures use significantly less water and energy to function. For instance, water-conserving toilets can reduce water usage by up to 60% annually. Speak to your plumbing professionals to find the right efficient plumbing fixtures.

4. Repair or Replace Your Water Heater



Every minute you run your shower for hot water represents waste. While a well-functioning water heater can warm it effectively with minimal water and energy, a damaged or malfunctioning heater has to work harder and use more resources to achieve the same results. Whether you need a new installation or repairs to your existing unit, Hicks Plumbing can help you choose the right water heater and ensure it functions efficiently.

Schedule Regular Maintenance 

Being proactive is key to maintaining an efficient plumbing system. Don’t wait for symptoms of a burst pipe or other dilemma to necessitate emergency plumbing services. Staying on top of your plumbing system’s condition can help prevent water-wasting emergencies from happening in the first place. Also, schedule regular inspections from plumbing experts to ensure your system works smoothly and your water usage stays minimal.

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