6 Benefits of Installing a Fiberglass Pool in Your Backyard

6 Benefits of Installing a Fiberglass Pool in Your Backyard

When they think about adding a pool to their backyard, most homeowners imagine blissful summer days with friends and family members splashing around. They might also picture grilling lunch nearby and music playing in the background. However, they probably don’t wonder whether to invest in a concrete, fiberglass, or vinyl liner. But they must answer such questions before installation. That said, fiberglass pools are often the best option because they are quick to install, durable, easy to clean, and customizable. With the help of pool and landscaping design services, you can build the pool of your dreams. 

Groff Landscape Design offers fiberglass pool installation services—among others—for Ashburn, VA, homeowners who wish to upscale their outdoor spaces. Our team creates a pleasant design and build experience by leveraging customer service expertise and high-end products. Visit our website or call (703) 999-8225 to Design and Build a Better Future today!

Below, we detail the perks of fiberglass pool installations: 

Benefits of Fiberglass Pools

1. Quick installation

Compared to in-ground pools made of other materials, fiberglass models are the quickest to install. Indeed, it may take only a few weeks to complete excavation and install the fiberglass shell, as manufacturers pre-make them. Other materials, however, must be planned and laid out at the worksite. 

Moreover, many homeowners adjust patios, decks, and landscapes during their inground pool installation. Consult Groff’s design and build experts to plan the dimensions of your pool and map out your yard space to determine whether it needs adjustments. 

2. Durability

The shell and gel coat on fiberglass pools can last decades. Furthermore, fiberglass comes with lower maintenance costs than its material counterparts. They are also less likely to experience temperature and weather-related damage—vinyl and concrete are prone to cracking and wrinkles. 

3. Convenient sanitation and cleaning

Salt-chlorine is the most common sanitation agent for pools, but many materials can wear down with this compound. However, fiberglass is resistant to salt chlorine. The gel coat applied to the fiberglass shell also resists algae and aquatic bacteria. 

You’ll spend less time scrubbing and sanitizing fiberglass pools than concrete and vinyl ones. They only require a basic cleaning to maintain. Yet you will still need to conduct regular checks on water PH and filters, as with any pool.

4. Added real-estate value 

6 Benefits of Installing a Fiberglass Pool in Your Backyard

A fiberglass pool can also increase your home’s value significantly. Most homebuyers who want an in-ground pool prefer one that requires no heavy maintenance and lasts a long time. Fiberglass fits the bill.

5. Extra features

Fiberglass pool models often have benches, tanning ledges, and other features. You can even invest in high-end features, like a spa area or swim-up bar.

Fiberglass pools are also smooth, so you are unlikely to scrape an elbow or stub your toe when swimming. While cuts and bruises are bound to occur in concrete pools, such is not the case with fiberglass models. 

6. Cost-effectiveness 

A professionally installed fiberglass pool can save you substantial money in maintenance costs and upkeep compared to other materials. Affordable pool installation and low maintenance make fiberglass pools more cost-effective. 

Landscaping Design Services in Ashburn, VA

Whether you want to discuss swimming pool installation or implement a patio, turn to Groff Landscape Design for help executing your outdoor project ideas. Ashburn, VA, residents can turn to our team of professionals for the best experience, services, and craftsmanship on the market. Building anything on your property is a significant commitment, and we deliver results you’ll love—On Time, On Budget, Guaranteed. To learn more about our landscaping design services and pool installation process, call (703) 999-8225 today.

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