WestXDC Community Focus – Winter 2023

We’re digging into the social pulse of Northern Virginia’s business communities this winter, listening and learning – as we see anxiousness across the ecosystem – though in balance with socialization. […]

Moving in Reston – sbLiftOff

Last night’s 5-year celebration @sbliftoff – they’re moving to new digs in Reston..great growth and progress supporting the GovCon & Founders-led B2B M&A community!

Limelight Insights – Surveys, Study Groups, Expand Your Brand

Limelight Insights by Shugoll Qualitative and quantitative market research studies, surveys, consulting. Limelight, meaning “an intense illumination or focus,” and Insights, meaning “a deep, intuitive understanding.” Together, they describe how […]

B2G GrowthCon – Tower Club Re-Opening

Caught Karla Williams’ inaugural B2G GovCon Academy event, “B2G GrowthCon” – great panel representing large/small GovCon, CFO perspective, media analyst. FY 2023 B2G outlook is steady, delaying, but still a […]

Whaling Protection – Cyber Hygiene

As part of your cybersecurity “wellness” or hygiene – here’s a quick bit of advice, gleaned from a local cybersecurity expert: Hey team, In an effort to further enhance our […]