Automate and accelerate your mobile workflows with Magnet Graykey Fastrak and Magnet Automate

Across policing agencies, the volume of mobile devices that need to be extracted and processed for criminal investigations present a persistent and increasing challenge, leading to delays in cases and the serving of justice. In a recent report from the UK, it was found that police forces have backlog of more than 25,000 devices waiting to be examined.

Our latest product integration combines the mobile extraction power of Graykey Fastrak with the processing and automation power of Automate, giving you the ability to scale up the mobile throughput of your lab and address the increasing volume of mobile devices. With this integration you can now send mobile extractions from Graykey Fastrak directly to Automate, providing a streamlined end-to-end workflow that reduces the number of steps and manual touchpoints so that you can quickly get mobile evidence to your stakeholders. 

Bringing Together Graykey Fastrak and Automate 

Graykey Fastrak provides a simple, fast, and efficient solution for extracting data from multiple mobile devices simultaneously, providing the ability to address the influx of mobile devices associated with criminal investigations. But once you have the mobile extractions, the volume of data that needs to be processed for analysis can quickly become a new bottleneck in your investigations. This is where Magnet Automate and our latest integration comes in.  

Automate enables you to build streamlined, automated workflows across the different steps of your investigations, and incorporate any of your digital forensics tools. Our new integration with Fastrak lets you kick-off processing and mobile workflows in Automate directly from Fastrak. As soon as the extraction is complete, Automate will initiate your specified workflow, processing the data and automatically moving it through to analysis with Axiom or other tools. The data can also be sent for stakeholder review with Magnet Review or Portable Case, helping you get evidence in the hands of your teams faster and easier.   

Automate also provides the ability to scale your processing power as needed, with options that enable either parallel or queued processing of evidence, giving your team the power to address large volumes of mobile evidence. 

Steps to Process Mobile Evidence with Graykey Fastrak and Automate 

To illustrate the streamlined approach that is possible with this integration, consider this workflow:  

  1. Mobile evidence comes into the lab – where examiners are encountering more and more devices per case. 
  2. Each mobile device is plugged into the Magnet Graykey to gain initial access – this typically accounts for just ~7% of the end-to-end access & extraction time. 
  3. Once access has been gained, the device is moved to a workstation with Graykey Fastrak – freeing up the Graykey to continue to gain access to additional iOS and Android devices.  
  4. Simultaneous extraction of all accessed devices is completed with Graykey Fastrak, with the mobile images going directly to Magnet Automate. Multiple devices can be extracted on one workstation with a USB hub or the Graykey Fastrak app can be loaded on as many workstations as required.  
  5. As soon as each extraction is complete, the appropriate Automate workflows are triggered, with data processed either in parallel with multiple Automate nodes or using queued processing on a single workstation. 
  6. The processed evidence is compiled into a case and moved to centralized storage or an analysis machine so that your examiner team can apply their specialized skill set and experience to the true heavy lifting of the case.  
  7. Processed evidence can also be directly exported to Magnet Review or a portable case for stakeholder review, further expediting time to evidence.

How to use the integration between Graykey Fastrak and Automate 

To get started sending your mobile extractions from Graykey Fastrak to Automate you will first need to enable the product integration in Graykey Fastrak. Instructions on how to setup and use this integration are available in the Graykey Fastrak User guide – Send to Automate section (customer credentials required). If you need any assistance or have questions, don’t hesitate to reach out to our technical support team: [email protected]  

Learn More About Magnet Graykey Fastrak and Automate 

Want to learn more about how this integration can help you streamline your mobile extraction and processing? Reach out to us at [email protected].

To learn more and start a free trial of Magnet Automate visit the product page.

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