Bring your mobile evidence to life with the new Mobile View in Magnet Axiom

Mobile devices have become a huge part of our lives and, by extension, of forensic investigations when a crime is committed. Every suspect, victim, and bystander has a wealth of evidence right in their pocket. But as your cases are filled with more and more mobile devices, making sense of that data and clearly and effectively sharing it can be problematic.   

To help you and your stakeholders easily navigate and interact with mobile evidence, we have added our new Mobile View to Axiom and Axiom Cyber. 

What is Mobile View

Mobile View in Axiom makes examining mobile data as intuitive as navigating on the actual phone. A representation of the iOS or Android device being examined is presented in Axiom with the ability to select the icons for the supported apps loaded onto the phone and quickly review the associated artifacts.  

With millions of mobile applications available and more being published each day, the new Mobile View also enables a deeper examination of unknown apps, providing a streamlined approach to locating and parsing the associated data, helping to ensure no stone is left unturned in your mobile investigation. 

To take advantage of the new Mobile View, open an AFU or full file system mobile image that has been processed using Axiom’s version 8.0  for either an iOS or Android device, a logical+ image will also work for iOS devices. These mobile extractions can be acquired using a Magnet Graykey, Magnet Verakey or other mobile extraction solutions.

Depending on the artifacts you are examining, the additional data presented will also automatically adjust using the Axiom views you already know, including conversation view for messaging applications, thumbnail view for camera pictures and media, and column view for data like internet history.  

Mobile View in portable case 

One key benefit of Mobile View is that it makes investigating and reviewing mobile evidence in portable case files approachable for non-technical stakeholders. The intuitive interface of Mobile View gives your stakeholders the ability to quickly and easily navigate gigabytes of data with the same ease and familiarity as scrolling on their own phone. 

When we gave one of our longtime customers, Chad Gish from Metro Nashville PD, a sneak peek of Mobile View, he had this to say:  

“Our frontline detectives and prosecutors will be thrilled with this invaluable addition to an already exceptional software platform. Once again Magnet has exceeded expectations, delivering both visually appealing and highly functional tools!” 

— Detective Chad Gish, CID, SISU, Metropolitan Nashville Police Department  

Once your stakeholders have seen Mobile View in action and want to learn more about using portable case – we offer free online training that gets them familiar with the functionality to help optimize their review and make collaboration easier: Making a Case (Portable Case)

Mobile Data in corporate investigations

Mobile evidence plays a crucial role in corporate investigations, too. In this year’s State of Enterprise DFIR report, 55.5% of digital forensics professionals in corporate and service provider environments reported always or often including mobile data in their investigations (Source link to the 2024 State of Enterprise DFIR Report).  

To capture important mobile data in corporate settings that can then be examined and reviewed with Axiom’s Mobile View, Magnet Verakey provides a consent-based mobile forensics solution that collects full file system extractions, including encrypted and inaccessible data, from iOS and leading Android devices.  

The perfect companion for Magnet Graykey

The new Mobile View further improves Axiom’s complement to Magnet Graykey, which provides consistently evolving access and extraction support for iOS and Android devices. Combining Axiom and Graykey gets you the most mobile evidence possible, including deleted data, with industry-leading access, extraction, parsing and carving. To learn more about Axiom’s mobile artifact support check out our recent blog series on Mobile Device Artifacts.  

Try Mobile View in Magnet Axiom or Axiom Cyber today

To experience the intuitive Mobile View in Axiom or Axiom Cyber for yourself, update to the latest version or start a free trial today.  

If you have any questions or feedback about this new view in Axiom, don’t hesitate to reach out to us at [email protected] to let us know what you think or to learn more.  

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