Emergency Tree Removal: What to Do After a Storm

The chaos following a storm can include downed power lines, debris-filled streets, and (worst of all) a fallen tree on your property. Indeed, a large and hazardous tree falling in the middle of this mess or blocking your driveway may make the situation dire. Still, emergency tree removal services are available from Timber Works Tree Care. Just reach out and get our experts on the case!

Among the best tree service providers in the region, Timber Works offers comprehensive options across Shenandoah Valley and Northern Virginia. Each service team is led by an experienced arborist who can diagnose trees’ condition and suggest remedial services. Leesburg, VA, home- and property owners can rely on our team for prompt solutions and honest guidance. Call (540) 254-5773 or visit our website for a free project estimate today!

Here, we outline a guide for navigating emergency tree services after a storm:

Safety First

  • Assess the Situation: Before approaching the fallen tree, prioritize your safety. Check for downed power lines or gas leaks. If you suspect either, stay clear and contact your utility company immediately.
  • Evacuate if Necessary: If the tree has fallen on your home or poses a clear threat of additional damage, evacuate the area and contact municipal emergency services.

Calling for Help

  • Contact Your Insurance Company: Report any damage the fallen tree caused to your insurance company as soon as possible. A representative can guide you on the claims process and may cover some or all removal costs.
  • Find a Reputable Tree Removal Company: Look for providers with experience in storm cleanup and emergency removals. Also, check online reviews and ensure the company is licensed and insured.

Preparing for the Crew

  • Clear a Safe Path: If you can do so safely, clear a path to the fallen tree for the crew’s access. Doing so helps the crew save time and reduces labor costs.
  • Document the Scene: Take photos of the fallen tree, surrounding structures, and any visible property damage.
  • Gather Essential Documents: Keep your insurance policy information and other relevant paperwork handy for the tree removal company.
  • Set Aside and Submit Service Proposal: You will receive a proposal from your service provider and you can submit this document to your insurance company for payment.
  • Payment: Unless you work with a restoration company, you will pay the tree service directly for services. The insurance company will then reimburse you.

During the Removal

  • Communicate and Clarify: Before work begins, discuss your expectations with the crew leader. Let them know of any concerns or potential hazards on your property, and ask for details about the emergency tree removal cost.
  • Leave Tree Removal to the Experts: Allow service providers to handle the work. While pitching in may seem helpful, it can put you or professionals at risk and complicate the clean-up process.

Additional Considerations

  • Permits: Emergency tree removal might bypass the usual permitting process required for tree services. However, confirm this with your local authorities and the tree removal company.
  • Stump Removal: Decide beforehand if you want the damaged tree’s stump removed. While not always necessary, doing so can prevent future tripping hazards or unintended sprouts.

Again, leave removing large and hazardous trees to professionals with the right equipment and expertise to ensure your safety and minimize further damage. The steps above will help you to navigate emergency tree removal after a storm efficiently and safely.

Emergency Tree Removal Services Available 24/7 in Leesburg, VA

Focus on your safety and comfort after a storm—leave emergency tree removal to Timber Works Tree Care! Our team offers 24/7 emergency tree services to Leesburg, VA, residents. Moreover, you can send us a picture of your fallen tree at 540-692-9606 or email [email protected]. You can also complete our online form to receive a free tree project estimate!

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