Employee Spotlight: Matt, Project Manager

Our team thrives on the diverse talents and perspectives of each member. We are grateful for these individuals as they ensure every step of your home remodeling experience is truly exceptional.

This month, we are spotlighting Matt Offerman, Project Manager. Matt is an integral part of our team who brings over 25 years of specialized carpentry and construction expertise. 

When not at work, you can find Matt spending time with his wife, two daughters, and his beloved Grandson Mattie!

Get to know Matt in the Q&A below!  

How long have you been at Synergy Design and Construction?  

11 years, it will be 12 in September.  

What was your path to becoming a Project Manager?  

I started off as a carpenter when I turned 20 years old. For 26 years, I worked with companies that did whole home renovations and additions, so I learned all the different aspects from framing, roofing, painting, drywall and flooring.  

After 9 years at Synergy, I became Assistant Project Manager and I started to learn more on the office side. This past winter, I was promoted to Project Manager and began overseeing the operations in the field.  

Tell us more about what your day-to-day looks like.  

By overseeing field operations, I direct the team on best practices and ensure they have anything and everything they need to make a project successful.  

After swinging a hammer for so many years, I wasn’t computer savvy when I started out in project management. Now, I operate in Excel spreadsheets, managing calendars, material deliveries, project deadlines, client timelines and more. You could say I have become very schedule oriented!  

What skills are important to have to work in your role?  

Communication is the most important. You must be able to communicate and problem solve at a high level, working directly with carpenters, clients, the design team, and all the suppliers. Organization is another huge one.  

What do you love most about your job?  

Getting to know our clients and seeing their reaction as we take a 3D rendering and turn it into reality. It is the best when our customers share how shocked and amazed they are with the process and the result.  

What’s the most challenging aspect of your work?  

Staying organized and on top of multiple projects. 

In life, things aren’t always perfect, and that is true for home renovations, too. Sometimes we have to reprioritize due to supplier or trade partner circumstances, but we always keep pushing forward  so we exceed our client’s expectations of what’s possible.. 

To date, which has been your favorite home remodel and why?  

We did a first-floor remodel for a young couple with a young child a number of years ago, and their reaction was so genuinely touching. They cried, and I cried. It is amazing to see how the work we do impacts other people’s lives.  

In fact, I still stay in touch with this couple. We wish each other a Merry Christmas, or a Happy Mother’s Day, whatever it may be to maintain a relationship.  

What advice would you have for anyone who wants to become a Project Manager?   

Over Communicate. If you think you’ve communicated enough, you probably haven’t. Also manage your time as wisely as possible because you never know when something will come up and you may need to shift priorities. 

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