Fairfax City Economic Development – Business Growth, Retention Strategy

Fairfax City’s Economic Development Strategic Workplan was recently published (via the Economic Development Office and Agency, i.e. EDO/EDA) – a good overview for planning moving forward, particularly now beyond the so-called “Covid Recovery” phase – though the economy remains extremely so very challenging. KME.digital provided advisory services via Kelly McLaughlan, CEO, channeling her economic development commissioner experience, similar experience with other KME.digital principals, and collaboration with many city and regional business leaders.

OUTCOMES (quote)

The diagnostic confirmed that the EDO’s efforts and resources sharply pivoted in recent years to prioritize COVID-19 pandemic recovery strategies to aid in existing business survival. The EDO’s swift and effective efforts supported business stabilization across the city. With noted success and the culmination of pandemic funding, the EDO is now poised to realign its efforts and resources with the pre-pandemic city vision, EDO related goals, and post-pandemic realities. After ample stakeholder discussions around diagnostic findings, the following workplan was created as a customized compilation of prioritized strategic next steps that focuses limited EDO resources toward enabling a stronger and enduring tax base while amplifying Fairfax City as a competitive place to do business.


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