FCC Announces Effective Date of ECIP R&O Provisions

On February 15, 2024, the FCC published in the Federal Register notice that the FCC received OMB approval for certain provisions of the FCC’s Enhanced Competition Incentive Program (“ECIP”) Report and Order.

The FCC received OMB approval for sections 1.60001 through 1.60007, which are the governing provisions for the Enhanced Competition Incentive Program.  Therefore, the following provisions are effective today, February 15, 2024:

  • Sec. 1.60000 Purpose
  • Sec. 1.60001 Definitions
  • Sec. 1.60002 Application requirements for program participation
  • Sec. 1.60003 Small carrier or tribal nation transaction prong
  • Sec. 1.60004 Rural-focused transaction prong
  • Sec. 1.60005 Program benefits
  • Sec. 1.60006 Program obligations
  • Sec. 1.60007 Penalties

Sections 1.929 and 1.950 are still delayed pending OMB approval.

Please see previous blog post FCC Publishes ECIP R&O and 2d FNPRM in Fed. Reg. for additional information.

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