FCC Int’l Section 214 Reporting Deadline: Jan 22, 2024

On December 8, 2023, the FCC published in the Federal Register the Order adopting a one-time collection to update the Commission’s records regarding foreign ownership of international section 214 authorization holders (“One-Time Information Collection”).  This publication establishes January 22, 2024 as the filing deadline for the One-Time Information Collection. 

As you may recall, in this Order, the Commission directed each Authorization Holder to identify its 10% or greater direct or indirect foreign interest holders that hold such equity and/or voting interests, or a controlling interest, in the Authorization Holder (Reportable Foreign Interest Holders) as of thirty (30) days prior to the filing deadline, and to certify as to the accuracy of the information provided.  Authorization Holders whose initial or substantial transfer/assignment applications were granted within three years prior to this deadline are exempt from answering the full Information Collection and instead required to identify, on an aggregated basis, all of the citizenship(s) or place(s) of organization of their Reportable Foreign Interest Holders and will need to supply the File Number of application that demonstrates their eligibility for the Exemption.

A summary of the One-Time Information Collection requirement along with other relevant International Section 214 is here.

Pursuant to the Order, we anticipate the Office of International Affairs (“OIA”) will be releasing a Public Notice in the near term announcing the filing date and providing additional information and instructions for filing this information.

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