How Plumbers Use Drain Snakes to Clear Clogs

When plunging doesn’t clear a blockage, you’ll need to call for reinforcements. Professionals can clear clogs deep in a tub, toilet, shower, or sink line through snaking drains. This tool’s flexibility, grabbing mechanism, and length (guided by an expert) can reach clogs deep in the line and break them up. Furthermore, you should always turn to professionals to implement such strategies. 

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What is a Drain Snake? 

A drain snake, also known as a drain auger or a plumber’s snake, consists of a long, flexible cable with a corkscrew-shaped end used to clear clogs in household pipes. These versatile tools come in various sizes and styles, each designed to accommodate different kinds of pipes. 

For example, sink drain snakes are usually small and manually powered, whereas shower drain snakes are often motorized. Electric-powered drain snakes are suited for tough clogs or deep blockages in sewer lines and, therefore, have longer cables (up to 150 feet) and heavy-duty auger heads.


The Clearing Process

1.) Locating the Clog: Plumbers may employ additional tools, such as drain cameras, to pinpoint the location of the blockage. From here, they determine which snaking tool (manual or motor-powered) is best equipped to address the clog. 

2.) Feeding the Snake: Plumbers insert the snake’s head into the drain opening (or overflow drain if snaking a bathtub) and slowly push it forward while rotating the handle. This motion is critical, as it helps the auger head grab or break up the clog. 

3.) Clearing the Clog: Once the snake reaches the clog, the rotating motion should be enough to pull out the blockage. However, stubborn clogs may require additional help from water jets or special attachments. 

4.) Testing the Flow: After clearing the clog, plumbers run water through the drain to ensure proper functioning and identify any remaining blockages.


Additional Tips

Clogged kitchen sink repair


Drain snaking is not a DIY project. Although skilled plumbers may make it look easy, different types of drains (such as toilet or floor drains) may require special techniques. Moreover, significant clogs or those caused by damage will require more advanced solutions like pipe repair. Rather than attempting to tackle frustrating clogs alone, call the available plumbing professionals at Willway.  


Pipe Inspection and Snaking Drains in Northern Virginia 

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