How to Avoid a Dog Attack

Due to their powerful jaws, sharp teeth, and shocking speed, dogs have the potential to cause severe damage when they bite. In serious accidents, dogs can tear flesh, break bones, and pass on bacteria. While most dogs are triggered to attack and display warning signs before they do so, a few are unpredictable and charge at random. Protect yourself from unfamiliar or unfriendly dogs by learning how to interact appropriately. However, in extreme cases, contact a reliable dog bite lawyer

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Below, we outline critical dog safety tips: 

Respect Boundaries dog bite lawyers California

Just like humans, dogs have a sense of personal space. Strangers approaching, touching, or forcing interaction with a dog can escalate its stress level, inciting it into defensive bites or attacks. A good rule of thumb: don’t approach, pet, or hold eye contact with a dog you don’t know, especially one that’s alone or restrained. 

Furthermore, supervise children when they encounter an unfamiliar dog. Animals don’t differentiate between adults and children; kids who encroach on a dog’s personal space are equally susceptible to an attack. Teach your children to ask the owner for permission to pet their dog and always give dogs plenty of space

Understand Dogs’ Body Language 

Although we can’t always interpret canine body language, ignoring their signs of discomfort or fear can trigger unpredictable reactions. Recognizing aggressive dogs can help you to act accordingly and prevent an attack. Warning signs of a dangerous dog include: 

  • Hard, direct stare 
  • Tense facial muscles and lips 
  • Growling 
  • Guttural barking 
  • Hackles raised or hair standing up 
  • A high, stiff tail 

These signs are universal among dog breeds. However, you can take additional precautions by researching dogs with the strongest bite and naturally defensive breeds. Working breeds or dogs bred for protection may display these signs quicker than all other breeds. 

Stay Calm and Move Slow

If you encounter a dog exhibiting defensive behaviors, stay calm. Although the situation is alarming, sudden actions can be startling to a dog, who may perceive you as a threat. Don’t scream, flail your hands, or run away. Running, in particular, can trigger a dog’s chase instinct. 

Instead, demonstrate that you are not a threat. Use body language such as yawning, crossing your arms, and standing still to signal that you have good intentions. Additionally, standing sideways (not facing the dog directly) and speaking in a soft, soothing voice can de-escalate the situation. 

Speak to an Experienced Dog Bite Lawyer in California

Although these tips can help prevent a dog attack, violent encounters may still happen. If you or a loved one are bitten by a dog in California, hold the owner liable for your damages by hiring Davana Law Firm. Our dog bite lawyers boast a successful history of personal injury claims, and we delay all legal fees until your case is won. Receive a free consultation from a member of our team by calling (818) 501-1055 today. 

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