How to Prepare Your Landscape for Spring

How to Prepare Your Landscape for Spring

Springtime is often long-awaited as people experience warm temperatures again and spend increasing time outside. Trees grow leaves, flowers bloom, and new wildlife inhabits landscapes. Yet this period also calls for annual landscape maintenance tasks from homeowners who wish to make the most of the spring. To protect your landscape’s health and expand its beauty, hire a yard maintenance company to inspect your trees and bushes, fertilize your lawn, and prime your soil for more planting projects.

Northern Virginia Landscaping helps Manassas, VA, residents not only prepare their outdoors for spring but also implement softscaping or invest in expert planting services. Our team of experts has studied how to design beautiful landscapes and received certifications in botany and arboriculture. We also bring all the equipment and materials necessary to implement our solutions. To learn more about our landscape design services, call (703) 982-0100 today.

Below, we discuss how a yard maintenance company can ready your landscape for spring:

Inspect Vegetation

Spring’s warmer conditions and frequent rain spur trees and vegetation into growth after they have sat dormant through winter. With that in mind, have professionals check the trees in your yard so they can prune damaged branches and facilitate healthy growth.

Also, watch out for pre-emergent weeds such as dandelions and clovers. Higher weed densities can deplete the nutrients in your soil, so it’s best to treat them early. A professional can apply weed control products to keep them in check all season long. Plus, they can keep pollinators safe when administering such treatments!

Fertilizing Your Lawn and Garden Areas

Often, naturally-occurring soil lacks the essential nutrients to support diverse flowers and plants. Therefore, professionals consider the following when fertilizing your yard:

Soil expertise

Although some sources suggest homeowners ask a professional to test their soil every few years, a professional softscape landscaper can determine what your soil needs most and apply a compatible fertilizer.

Choosing eco-friendly fertilizers

The fertilizer you choose can significantly impact the environment surrounding your home. For instance, slow-release fertilizers reduce environmental interference while enabling the absorption of nutrients. Using organic materials and incorporating green-friendly features will boost the ecological health of your yard—who doesn’t love that?

Fertilizing at the right time

Any gardening expert will tell you that no universally correct fertilization time exists. Instead, the optimal months for fertilizing will depend on the type of grass in your yard. Many people think grass should only be fertilized in the spring, but this is untrue. Some cool-season grasses grow better when fertilized in the fall or early summer.

Using the right amount

Once you know the size of your lawn, purchase a sufficient amount of fertilizer to cover this area. If you use too much fertilizer, you risk harming your yard. On the other hand, using an insufficient amount will not effectively provide nutrients to plant life. Ultimately, not using the right amount of fertilizer can cause erosion and runoff.

Prime Planting Beds

Clean your yard by raking leaves and debris to make neat plant beds for spring gardening projects. A yard maintenance service can help you design and create these planting beds to transform your yard into a beautiful scene.

Add a Layer of Mulch

How to Prepare Your Landscape for Spring

A professional can also apply an inch-thick layer of mulch to your plant beds and around the surrounding trees. Ensure the mulch thickness does not exceed 3 inches, as it prevents run-off and soil settlement issues. Mulch is beneficial for the aesthetics of your yard and moisture retention.

Yard Maintenance Services in Manassas, VA

The professionals at Northern Virginia Landscaping can help make the transition to spring easier for all homeowners. Manassas, VA, residents can rely on our team for environmentally friendly yard maintenance and landscaping design services. We deliver outstanding customer service while ensuring the best results for your latest project. Call (703) 982-0100 today to learn more about our yard maintenance services.

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