How to Show Military Caregivers You Appreciate Them

5.5 Million caregivers support our Nation’s service members, yet caregivers’ challenges and sacrifices often go unnoticed. In many ways, these selfless individuals are the backbone of our country’s military services, as they help service members navigate life during and after a tour or career. As May is Military Appreciation Month and Month of the Military Caregiver, you have an ideal opportunity to support them. Let’s explore some reputable organizations dedicated to aiding caregivers (with informational resources and military flight deals) and how your donations can make a difference for them.

Luke’s Wings is a nonprofit organization that provides emergency travel planning services and airplane tickets for the families and loved ones of wounded, ill, and injured service members, Veterans, and fallen officers during hospital recovery and rehabilitation. Our work helps active service members and Veterans maintain crucial connections in their lives. Call us at (512) 971-9748 to give back with complimentary plane tickets.

Below, we list several organizations through which you can show military caregivers your appreciation:

Operation Frontline Families

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Operation Frontline Families (formerly Caregivers on the Homefront) provides support services and resources to military families caring for wounded service members. Their offerings include mental health therapy, counseling services, and management support to help ease the burden on these dedicated individuals. Your donations can help military caregivers access the necessary resources to care for their loved ones and themselves.

Elizabeth Dole Foundation

Committed to empowering and supporting military caregivers, The Elizabeth Dole Foundation works through various initiatives and programs. It provides education, advocacy, and community-building opportunities for caregivers nationwide. By donating to their foundation, you can help raise awareness about the challenges military caregivers face and help them receive the support they deserve.

Fisher House Foundation

The Fisher House Foundation operates a network of comfort homes where military families can stay without cost while their military loved ones receive medical treatment. These homes provide a supportive environment for caregivers, allowing them to focus on caring for their injured or ill loved one without worrying about lodging expenses. Your donations can help fund the operation of these homes and ensure military caregivers have a place to stay during challenging times.

National Military Family Association

Finally, the National Military Family Association offers a range of programs and services designed to support military families, including caregiver support resources. They provide scholarships, benefits information, and advocacy efforts to improve military families’ livelihoods nationwide. By donating to this organization, you can help military caregivers gain access to vital resources that lighten their load and improve their well-being.

Gift Complimentary Military Flight Deals with Luke’s Wings

Military caregivers deserve recognition for their selfless dedication and sacrifices. By donating to organizations like Luke’s Wings, you can show appreciation for these unsung heroes and make a tangible impact on their lives. Your contributions can help provide military flight deals to our Nation’s Heroes when they need it most. Call us at (512) 971-9748 to gift complimentary military flights to a caregiver.

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