Introducting Magnet WITNESS

Introducting Magnet WITNESS

Magnet Forensics is excited to introduce the latest—and most fully featured—video forensics solution to date: Magnet WITNESS.

Video Evidence is Becoming Increasingly Central to Digital Investigations

The US Department of Justice estimates that video evidence is used in more than 80% of all criminal cases, and that number is growing. The sources of video evidence are booming, too; it’s not just DVR footage that’s important in a case. Video sources that can help contribute to a case include video from body cams and dash cams, drones, mobile devices, and increasingly video from doorbell cams or cloud-based home security systems.

These sources can be valuable in helping you get the evidence needed to move a case forward.

But acquiring video from all these sources—and having a solution to review and report on video evidence—can be challenging. Often, investigations require multiple tools for collecting and then reviewing video evidence; not only are the tools fragmented, but the examiner has to specialize in one or more products, making the task at hand a time-consuming and costly one.

Plus, it can sometimes feel impossible to follow the trail of evidence from one source to another and have the ability to quickly and easily export that evidence for an investigator who needs intel ASAP.

It’s Not Easy… Until Now with Magnet WITNESS

Magnet WITNESS is the evolution of DVR Examiner that now gives you the ability to acquire, review, and analyze video evidence all with one advanced product.

Built with the foundation of DVR Examiner, Magnet WITNESS recovers more video evidence than ever, including video from over 50 native DVR file formats plus cloud sources like Ring or Arlo. Review, analysis, and output just got easier too with new capabilities like synchronized matrix views and sub-clipping.

If you’re interested, you can request a free trial.

If you’re not quite there yet, read on!

Recover and Analyze More Video than Ever

WITNESS goes beyond DVR evidence. Using a forensically sound and repeatable process, WITNESS captures the highest quality video and metadata from cloud-based apps like Ring and Arlo which are popular among small businesses and homeowners.

Introducting Magnet WITNESS

And more isn’t just about diversity of video evidence, it’s also about more volume of data! Using Magnet WITNESS, you can easily handle video for complex cases by bringing all your video into a single investigative tool, tracking subjects and victims from source to source and getting the whole picture. Easily organize evidence by location and/or device to handle complex cases spanning many sources and locations.

WITNESS is the Next-Gen Video Forensics Solution

If you’re already familiar with DVR Examiner, Magnet WITNESS will feel like DVR Examiner but with a kick!

DVRs, for better or for worse, are still a core component of video investigations. But let’s face it: sometimes DVRs suck. Every interface is different, menu options are often confusing and impossible to navigate, and sometimes they are quite literally a hot mess because they’ve been in a fire.

WITNESS takes the complexity out of dealing with DVRs. Now recover video from over 50 native DVR file formats. Plus, you can connect directly to—and recover evidence, including footage and metadata—from DVRs that may be damaged, burnt, or broken.

No password? No problem. Bypass passwords and skip unfamiliar or complicated third-party menus or interfaces.

You can also recover deleted or partially overwritten video from surveillance DVRs. Many DVRs are set to overwrite or expire videos older than 30 days; large video segments may still be recoverable in many cases. Even when partially overwritten, inaccessible video may still be available and able to provide critical value.

Sub-Clipping, Synchronized Matrix Preview, and Other Magic

Well, it’s not quite magic, but WITNESS has a Case Wizard that makes setting up a case, big or small, fast and easy, even if multiple sources of video need to be reviewed.

And when you do have multiple videos for review, the synchronized Matrix Preview included in WITNESS gives you an unprecedented view of your video evidence. Follow a suspect, for example, from up to four video clips from multiple sources simultaneously, all in a synchronized interface, making you 4x more efficient.

Collaborating with Others is Easy Too

WITNESS’s review and analysis capabilities are equally as powerful as its access and acquisition.

Need to get your investigator the seven-second clip that they need to move their case forward? WITNESS can easily cull down hours of video into the few seconds that matter with sub-clipping.

Highlight video clips, segments, or specific frames with items of interest and add detailed notes and reporting using notes, tags, and bookmarks that other stakeholders can review.

Ready To Try Magnet WITNESS for Free?

Request a free trial Magnet WITNESS today and see for yourself how the next generation of video forensics solution can help you access, acquire, and review, and export video evidence.

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