iOS 17 Initial Access Support for Magnet GRAYKEY and Magnet VERAKEY

Following closely on the release of Apple’s annual major iOS update, we are thrilled to announce that Magnet GRAYKEY and Magnet VERAKEY support consent-based, full-file system extractions iOS Devices running Apple iOS 17—including the latest: iPhone 15.

While iOS releases bring exciting new features, as well as updated security features for Apple users, they also add to the challenges faced by examiners who need to access and extract critical data from mobile devices involved in criminal investigations.

To review the release notes for this release, visit our support portal (login credentials required).

For the purposes of this post, we will continue to reference GRAYKEY, but the same support also applies to VERAKEY devices.

The Impact to Digital Forensics Practitioners

Any changes to the operating system of a device can impact a number of key artifacts that examiners rely on to gain insight and evidence required for their cases.

Chris Vance, Magnet Forensics Senior Technical Forensics Specialist who specializes in mobile and macOS research has detailed the changes and additions in iOS 17 that could impact forensic investigations.

For more information on changes to key artifacts such as iMessage/SMS/MMS, Call Logs, Contacts, and  Notes check out Chris’ blog:  iOS 17: Another Year, Another Byte of the Apple or register for the upcoming webinar, presented as part of the ongoing Mobile Unpacked series:

Unlocking iOS 17’s Secrets – Exploring the Full File System

With recent breakthroughs in Magnet GRAYKEY, we now have access to full file system images for iOS 17. Let’s explore what these additional areas have given us in comparison to standard quick imaging or logical+ style imaging. Topics will include new/moved voicemail storage and transcriptions, the use of multiple SEGB formats, and more!

Continued iOS and Android Development

As part of our comprehensive iOS and modern Android device support, GRAYKEY is continually updated to ensure that you have the tools required to investigate the critical mobile data sources you encounter in your cases.  

Both Apple and Android will continue to roll out new iterations of their operating systems as new security features are required so be sure to check back here for the latest mobile support in the market. 

Learn More About GRAYKEY

If you are interested in learning more about GRAYKEY and these new features, please reach out to us at [email protected].

And if you’re already a GRAYKEY customer, you can always refer to the support matrix for the most up-to-date information regarding GRAYKEY access coverage. Visit the Magnet Forensics Support Portal to learn more about support matrix navigation and discover iOS/Android feature timelines. 

Note: Links to some additional content in this blog post are exclusive to GRAYKEY customers.

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