Legal and Ethical Considerations in Hoarding Interventions

In hoarding interventions in Maryland and elsewhere, navigating the legal and ethical considerations are important elements to conducting effective and empathetic support for individuals struggling with hoarding behavior. Addressing these often-complex situations involves a delicate balance between upholding the individual’s rights, ensuring their safety, and respecting ethical principles.   Legal Considerations in Hoarding Interventions Legally, […]


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February 29, 2024 Weekly Wireless Wrap-Up

Happy Leap Day and good afternoon from Washington, DC!  Below you will find this week’s Wireless Wrap-Up; your update on the wireless telecommunications regulatory landscape, important wireless decisions, and more! 

FCC Approves Certain 6 GHz AFC Systems

On February 23, 2024, the Office of Engineering and Technology (“OET”) released a Public Notice announcing the approval of seven 6 GHz band automated frequency coordination (“AFC”) systems for commercial