Magnet AXIOM 7.10: Animated Maps, Email Explorer, New License Packages, and So Much More

We are thrilled to release AXIOM 7.10! This is the final release before our biggest release of the year, AXIOM 8.0, which will be launched at our annual Magnet User Summit (MUS) in Nashville – to learn more or to grab a front-row seat, visit

AXIOM 7.10 adds a range of new features and new artifact support to keep your investigations current with the latest evidence sources:

  • Updates to Thorn’s CSAM Model – increasing the accuracy of Thorn’s CSAM model.
  • Animated Maps – visualizes the movements of subjects based on their device data.
  • Email Explorer – An intuitive view of email messages to facilitate the review of email evidence.
  • New AXIOM License Packages – Get even more from your AXIOM licenses with advanced Triage and Reporting capabilities and the option to accelerate your DFIR workflows with automation.

You can update to the latest version within AXIOM or at the Customer Portal. To try AXIOM and the latest features, request a free trial here.

Updates to Thorn’s CSAM Model

To help accelerate your investigations and identify victims of child sexual abuse faster AXIOM has an integration with Thorn’s advanced AI model: the CSAM Image Classifier. In AXIOM 7.10, Thorn’s CSAM model has been updated to provide even greater accuracy, addressing false positive hits for different image types and increasing the precision of both CSAM and pornography detection to 99.9%.

Thorn has been around since 2012, building technology to defend children from sexual abuse. Their CSAM Image Classifier—a machine learning classification model predicts the likelihood that a file contains imagery of child sexual abuse to help stop revictimization caused by the further spread of abuse content while also protecting the mental health of the people responsible for reviewing it. 

To learn more about this integration, check out our blog: Thorn’s CSAM Image Classifier Now Integrated With Magnet AXIOM

Animated Maps

As with many things, seeing is believing. To help add important context to your reports and testimony in court, we have introduced Animated Maps* in Magnet AXIOM.

You can now generate animated routes in AXIOM to show the movements of subjects to help provide context for investigations and court testimony. Routes can be built using the evidence from artifact data containing timestamps and location data – such as mobile and drone data – for specific time and date ranges.

With the prominence of mobile data in criminal investigations, you can tap into a rich well of location data. Animated Maps allows you to demonstrate the “where” and “when” of your findings in a clear and engaging visual demonstrating the movements of suspects, victims, or witnesses.

To learn more about Animated Maps visit our blog: Moving in the Right Direction with Animated Maps

Email Explorer

In 2023, an estimated 347.3 billion e-mails were sent and received daily around the world. 85% of users use smartphones to access email, making it one of the most significant evidence sources coming from your mobile investigations.

AXIOM’s Email Explorer** allows you to review email evidence in a familiar format that mirrors the appearance of common email platforms, presenting messages similarly to how the sender and recipient would have initially viewed them and providing important context that may otherwise be missed. Much like a native email platform, Email Examiner also offers several filters and search capabilities to narrow in on specific message times or themes to help manage the volume of data.

To learn more about email explorer visit our blog:

Extend the Capabilities of AXIOM Even Further

With the launch of AXIOM 7.10, we are introducing new license packages to help tailor AXIOM to your agency’s requirements so you can get even more from your AXIOM license(s). Our new Premier license includes advanced Triage and Reporting capabilities and the option to accelerate your DFIR workflows with automation. The Premier license also includes:

  • Magnet OUTRIDER – Quickly identify actionable intelligence with lightning-fast triage of computers, mobile devices, and drives to streamline the data sources you analyze in AXIOM.
  • Discounted AUTOMATE Essentials – Turbocharge your digital investigations with streamlined, automated workflows integrating any tool from your DFIR toolkit
  • Magnet Exhibit Builder – Combine AXIOM case files and external files to build comprehensive reports that help you tell the story of your digital forensic findings. 

Some features outlined above are only available with specific license packages, indicated by an asterisk accompanying the feature name. To learn more, visit our license overview or reach out to your sales representative at [email protected].

* Available with AXIOM Essentials, Advanced and Premier Licenses

**Available with AXIOM Advanced and Premier Licenses

***Available with AXIOM Premier Licenses

New and Updated Artifacts 

As with every monthly release, AXIOM 7.10 also features new and updated artifacts to help keep your investigations current with the latest apps and data sources.


  • Edge Chromium (iOS, macOS, Windows)
    • Edge Chromium Current Session
    • Current Tabs
    • Last Sessions
    • Last Tabs
  • Journals (iOS)
  • Voice Mail (iOS)


  • Apple Mail (iOS)
  • Call Logs (Android)
  • Chrome (Android)
    • Chrome Current Sessions
    • Current Tabs
    • Last Sessions
    • Last Tabs
  • Chrome Cookies (iOS, macOS, Windows)
  • Chrome Logins (Windows)
  • Chrome Web Visits (Android, iOS, Linux, macOS, Windows)
  • Digital Wellbeing Events (Android)
  • Facebook Messenger Messages (Android)
  • Instagram Direct Messages (iOS)
  • Telegram (iOS)
    • Telegram Chats
    • Messages
    • Users’ artifacts
  • WeChat (Android)

Get Magnet AXIOM 7.10 Today! 

We continually improve AXIOM to make it our most comprehensive digital forensic platform. When every second counts, it’s important that we do what we can to streamline the primary workflow of examiners. We’re excited that these AXIOM improvements can help to do exactly this. 

If you’re already using AXIOM, download 7.10 at the Customer Portal. To try the latest version of AXIOM for yourself, request a free trial today! If your agency needs to perform remote collections, collect from cloud storage services, or Microsoft Office 365, check out what’s new in AXIOM Cyber here.

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