New national database for seamless matching against Project VIC-US data in Magnet Griffeye products

In a stride towards enhancing child exploitation investigations, Magnet Forensics has partnered with the National Criminal Justice Training Center (NCJTC) of Fox Valley Technical College, which manages Project VIC-US, to launch a new national database for seamless matching against Project VIC-US data in the Magnet Griffeye ecosystem of products*.

Enhancing efficiency in CSAM Investigations

Magnet Griffeye products are built for swift processing and analysis of vast amounts of images and videos, with law enforcement agencies globally relying on these products for their CSAM investigations.

The introduction of the new Project VIC (PVIC)-US database within Magnet Griffeye products is set to further enhance the way law enforcement agencies handle child sexual abuse material (CSAM) cases, streamlining processes and improving efficiency.

A collaborative effort to support ICAC Investigators

Project VIC-US, founded in 2013 through a collaboration between law enforcement professionals and technology providers, has become a pivotal tool for investigators dealing with CSAM cases. The VICS-US hash database, a key vendor-agnostic platform, is widely utilized by law enforcement agencies to manage and share critical data in a standardized manner.

The partnership between Magnet Forensics and the NCJTC aims to automate the updating process of the PVIC-US hash database, ensuring investigators have access to the most current information. This automation will streamline the identification of key materials in each case by eliminating irrelevant data and boosting investigative efficiency. 

The VICS standard in ICAC investigations

The VICS standard is integral to numerous tools employed by law enforcement agencies in their child exploitation investigations. Efficient organization and sharing of relevant media data are crucial in internet crimes against children (ICAC) investigations. Through the VICS-US hash sets, investigators can identify illicit media on seized devices, focusing their efforts on unknown victims or offenders. This not only accelerates victim identification but also streamlines investigative efforts and minimizes exposure to harmful material. 

Rolling out the new national database

The Magnet Griffeye platform will offer an enhanced experience through its cornerstone hash sharing technology, Griffeye Intelligence Database (GID). This update promises to empower CSAM investigators with faster and more efficient workflows for handling VICS-US hash data, improving overall scalability and accessibility. Through GID technology, users can subscribe to the PVIC GID and mirror the content to their own GID, supporting both online and offline environments. The hash set will now also include contextual data, such as media descriptions, further enhancing the overall investigative process. 

A growing database of future references

The NCJTC will maintain the hash database, while Magnet will continue to develop the platform and provide technological support, ensuring a robust and reliable resource for CSAM investigators. This centralized database will mark a shift from individual management to a shared resource, enhancing the way law enforcement agencies handle CSAM cases, streamlining processes and improving efficiency. The benefits of this centralized approach will scale exponentially as more agencies utilize the shared resources, providing both near-term and long-term improvements in CSAM investigations. 

*The new PVIC-US database will be available later this summer in Magnet Griffeye (Advanced), Magnet Griffeye Operations and Magnet Griffeye Enterprise.

Join us at NLETCE in Atlanta!

Are you attending the National Law Enforcement Training on Child Exploitation (NLETCE) conference in Atlanta this week? We hope to meet you there and talk more about the new Project VIC GID, the enhanced workflows, and the benefits it brings to CSAM investigations. 

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