Northern Virginia Regional Commission: Trans-Atlantic Economy at the Local Level

A recent NOVA economic development study by Dale Medearis, Senior Environmental Planner NVRC in October 2022 – entitled “Trans-Atlantic Economy at the Local Level: The Case of Northern Virginia & Germany” examines both foreign investment trends and lessons learned from Germany that may influence or assist government and business planning here in the Northern Virginia area.

How Does this Information Help or influence my Northern Virginia Business

Among the reporting of macro influencers regarding the data center industry, ESG impacts and other transatlantic inbound economic factors – local information for local businesses include the following point:

“Northern Virginia has a sizeable gap between the supply and availability of skilled workers trained for the digital economy. The German model of vocational training and its reliance on paid apprenticeships in trained workers and harmonized accreditation has been heralded as a global benchmark for vocational pedagogy. More formal relations between the Northern Virginia’s public schools’ career technical education programs and German-based companies such as VW, Lidl, Airbus and Rehau could serve as a portal through which elements of the “Dual System” might find application – perhaps to train the next generation of EV, solar PV or grid maintenance workers.”

What it Means

This is a good reminder for hiring and recruiting – look not only at traditional college graduate pools, resumes and job fairs, but also among local and regional vocational training, certificate programs and developing your own internship opportunities for promising applicants who may not have purely academic qualifications.

Read more about the study and the NVRC here.


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