DoD’s PTACs Become APEX Accelerators

Heard on the street – at a neXco IV B2B local holiday event – PTAC offices are being rebranded to APEX Accelerators with a focus on acting as recruiters to […]

Moving in Reston – sbLiftOff

Last night’s 5-year celebration @sbliftoff – they’re moving to new digs in Reston..great growth and progress supporting the GovCon & Founders-led B2B M&A community!

B2G GrowthCon – Tower Club Re-Opening

Caught Karla Williams’ inaugural B2G GovCon Academy event, “B2G GrowthCon” – great panel representing large/small GovCon, CFO perspective, media analyst. FY 2023 B2G outlook is steady, delaying, but still a […]