Targeting Ads To Get Results: A MedSpa’s Success Story

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The role of a marketing agency is more than just managing calendars and creating social media posts. It’s more than doing market research and having a creative eye. It’s about listening to your clients needs, identifying business goals and target markets, developing strategies to attract customers, and following through to achieve those goals. A good marketing agency demonstrates their ability to deliver effective campaigns that drive results, and that is exactly what our team at Mix+Shine did for our client Dermacare of Hampton Roads

Dermacare of Hampton Roads is a medical spa that provides patients with comprehensive services and treatments in areas such as aesthetics and skincare, skin rejuvenation, injectables, laser treatments, and body contouring. Their incredible staff is highly trained and their office touts state-of-the-art technology, exclusively for the treatment of their deeply loyal patients who count on Dermacare to keep their skin youthful.

After the pandemic, with inflation on the rise and discretionary income on the decline, Dermacare of Hampton Roads reached out to us for help. Our team understood their challenges and put together a plan to reach patients (both new and existing) by building brand awareness for their annual Open House. Their Open House Specials feature the best prices on services and service packages, and many Dermacare patients know to purchase their yearly treatments and products during these months. Our plan consisted of educating their target audience on who Dermacare is and their offerings by:

  • Building a highly targeted social media ads strategy
  • Launching a general awareness campaign targeting women in the local area
  • Doubling the monthly ads budget
  • Crafting ads specifically highlighting Open House Specials with a call to action that drove traffic to the website to purchase
  • Adjusting the campaign biweekly based on results and milestones

We gathered data from the general awareness campaign and were able to create a highly targeted audience of those who either interacted with either the ad or Dermacare’s Facebook page within the last 60 days. This gave us a second touchpoint with anyone who showed interest in Dermacare and/or those existing clients who already followed their page. 

We also doubled the budget for the month of Open House and switched the campaign goal from “awareness” to “traffic”, which means the ads were optimized to deliver to those most likely to click the link and land on the website. The Open House ads ran for the entire month and featured creative and copy that highlighted the specials and savings. 

The targeted Open House campaign saw extremely positive metrics that also translated into great success for Dermacare’s hard numbers. With a $20k performance improvement for Open House compared to the previous year, Dermacare was able to not only combat their initial problem of consumers spending less on non-essential goods, but actually outperform previous Open House months that were held during a healthier economic time. Bonus – they also converted new customers! Now that’s a win.

At Mix+Shine Marketing, we are passionate about our clients like Dermacare of Hampton Roads and about helping them succeed. If your business or company needs help creating and delivering effective marketing campaigns that get results, give us a call, shoot us a text or an email, or stop by our office and talk with our friendly and talented team. We can’t wait to meet you and help you achieve your business goals! 

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