Transitioning from Field of Screams Maryland to Winter City Lights

Haunted Woods Maryland

This year, Field of Screams Maryland was bigger and bolder than ever. Organizers doubled down by expanding the Super Screams Haunted Trail, pushing its runtime to an hour and bumping its number of stations to over 55. They coupled these adjustments with Hollywood-level special effects, sets, and props. However, such changes also made transitioning from the haunted woods Halloween attraction to a Christmas holiday light event more complex and challenging than ever.

One of the top-ranked DC Halloween events, Field of Screams Maryland has become a regional staple. Their attractions teem with nightmarish monsters and lurid scenes, beckoning those who wish to test their mettle. Come winter, these sights transform into outdoor Christmas decorations for Winter City Lights, the DMV’s latest holiday tradition. Learn more about it and Field of Screams Maryland by calling (888) 720-1112 today!

Below, we detail the transformation of Field of Screams Maryland into Winter City Lights:

A Scary & Merry Success

Technicians and production professionals first installed the foundations of the walk-through Christmas lights and decorations during the summer of 2022. Then, they checked and tweaked those foundational elements this past summer, adjusting as necessary for the Super Screams Haunted Trail’s new stations. No Christmas decorations could peak into Field of Screams Maryland sets, lest twinkling tree lights spoil their terror.

Given Winter City Lights’ massive success last year, the production team knew that the 2023 attractions had to be bigger and introduce some novelty into their scenes. Therefore, they changed out about a third of the attractions and added the Polar Pub (more on that below!).

Some New Christmas Magic

The team incorporated the Polar Pub during the off-season so they could sell holiday drinks on cold winter nights. A local wood design and small construction company came in to craft it, using dry black walnut from a naturally fallen tree that once stood over 60 feet tall and 20 inches wide at its base. The bar’s top and all four sides come from the same tree.

No Nightmare Before Christmas

Haunted Woods Maryland

The production team also learned much about the compound’s terrain during last year’s shift between attractions. Technicians applied that knowledge for the 2023 transition: honing their methods, working more efficiently, and expanding the displays and other amenities. They adapted to the natural landscape and set up decorations to have less environmental impact than the previous year. Winter City Lights also reduced its carbon footprint, using LED lights and recycled materials without sacrificing Field of Screams Maryland’s attraction quality.

Deconstructing Field of Screams Maryland took longer this year than last because of the new materials added for those displays. Nevertheless, the team could work with Halloween and Christmas decorations simultaneously. Perhaps this explains why they enjoy some Christmas horror movies!

Horrifying Haunted Woods Attraction in Maryland!

The attractions at Field of Screams Maryland (and Winter City Lights!) succeed when organizers think big and put on a great show. The event became a top-ranked haunted woods attraction by mixing things up and delivering chills and thrills unlike anything else! So, call (888) 720-1112 or visit their website today to learn more about ticketing options and programming!

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