What to Expect When Installing Unfinished Hardwood Floors

Solid hardwood floors rank among the best investments a homeowner can make. Floor materials such as oak, maple, and walnut, among others, can last decades when properly maintained. Moreover, due to their durability and natural charm, hardwood can also improve the value of your home. But before you can enjoy the benefits of fresh hardwood floors, it’s important to educate yourself on selecting a contractor and the unfinished hardwood floor installation process.

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Below are the steps for residential hardwood installation:

Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation Process

If your existing home’s floors are beyond repair or you simply desire another look altogether, perhaps it’s time to consider installing brand-new floors. Solid hardwood is the best option, but to make an informed decision, it’s essential to understand the process of removing an existing floor and putting down long-lasting hardwood.

1.) Choose a Reputable Floor Installation Company

It’s critical to work with an experienced and reputable hardwood floor installation company. Too many times, homeowners seek out the least expensive contractor, believing they will save money. However, cheap floor installers typically lack the expertise to perform high-quality installations. Take time to read local reviews before selecting a contractor for your home.

2.) Schedule a Flooring Consultation

New hardwood floors are more complex than laying down peel-and-stick vinyl tiles, or engineered click laminate. Once installed, hardwoods are part of the home’s structure. Because of this, choosing a type of hardwood, staining options, and coatings will have a lasting effect on your interior décor. It’s crucial to sit down with a flooring expert to ensure you’ll be satisfied when the project is done.

3.) Hardwood Floor Specialists Arrive

A Virginia Top Floors specialist will come to the house to assess the situation. This usually involves creating a plan to remove the existing floor and evaluate the condition of the underlying subfloor. In many cases, the current material can be removed, and a sturdy subfloor can remain in place. But if wood-eating pests or moisture have weakened the infrastructure, they may also need to be replaced.

It may be prudent for working families to consider a plan to utilize portions of the home not impacted by the installation. If frequently used areas are undergoing floor removal and installation, scheduling home improvement around vacations may make sense.

4.) Installing the Hardwood Floor

Once the existing material is removed, the subfloor is assessed. If in good condition it still will benefit from attaching screws where squeaks exist to eliminate those before installation. If the subfloor is damaged, it is replaced, in specific areas or completely. A vapor shield layer is placed, and the new wood is installed on top. After installation, the floors will need to be sanded, stained, and finished or simply finished with a clear coat. In the final step, shoe molding is installed.

5.) When You Can Enjoy Your Hardwood Floors

Unfinished hardwood floor installation in Northern Virginia

The coatings that protect your hardwood floors take a few days to cure. Although the products do have odors, Virginia Top Floors uses exclusively top-of-the-line products with low VOC contents that dissipate rather quickly. Ventilation is recommended as well as always changing your air filter once the project is completed. In a day or so floors can bear the furniture and foot traffic and you can resume everyday activities in your elegant new space.

In our next blog, we will discuss the process for installing pre-finished wood floors.

Trusted Unfinished Hardwood Floor Installation in Northern Virginia!

Northern Virginia homeowners seeking exceptional craftsmanship can trust Virginia Top Floors with their unfinished hardwood floor installation. Our specialists possess the experience to complete superior installations on time and on budget. If you are considering upgrading the hardwood in your home, call us at (703) 537-9699 to schedule an appointment today!

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