4 Easy Ways to Support Local Veterans

Serving our country is the most noble responsibility an American citizen can take on. Yet the transition from active service to civilian life often puts Veterans at risk for unemployment, mental health struggles, and even homelessness. Although Veterans’ charities work tirelessly to support former service members and their families, they can only do so through support from civilians like you. You can directly change the lives of Veterans in your community by offering your time, skills, and disabled Veterans donations.

Luke’s Wings is a non-profit committed to reuniting wounded, ill, and injured service members with their loved ones. Thanks to the assistance of passionate volunteers and honorable donations, our organization supports our nation’s heroes during recovery and rehabilitation. To learn more about our Veterans’ programs or donate to our mission, visit our website or call (512) 971-9748 today. 

Below, we outline how you can support Veterans in your community: 

1.) Volunteer Your Time 

Many Veteran organizations rely on volunteers to assist with day-to-day operations. Organizations like your local VA medical center and local Veteran non-profits have open volunteer opportunities you can register for online. They require no special skills, just some free time in your day or weekend. Whether helping with administrative tasks, repair projects, or fundraising events, your time is just as valuable as a monetary donation. 

2.) Donate to Local Charities 

If your schedule has no time for volunteering, donating to local Veterans charities can also positively impact the lives of service members and their families. Some of the top Veterans charities include: 

  • Luke’s Wings: An emergency travel planning service that provides airline tickets for the loved ones of wounded, ill, and injured service members and Veterans.
  • Wounded Warrior Project: A comprehensive non-profit for Veterans that offers post-service mental health care, career counseling, and long-term rehabilitative services.
  • K9s for Warriors: The nation’s largest provider of service dogs for Veterans suffering from PTSD, TBIs, and more. 

Research your top charitable organization choices to ensure your donation has a direct impact. Choose one that aligns with your values and has a reputation for effectively allocating donations. 

3.) Lend a Helping Hand 

If an elderly or disabled Veteran lives in your neighborhood, you can support them directly. Small acts of service (such as helping with yard work, walking their dog, or carrying in their groceries) can uplift their daily life. Some Veterans struggle to ask for support from friends and neighbors, so take the initiative to offer your help. 

4.) Visit and Spend Time with Veterans 

Sometimes, a nice conversation can get us out of a rut. Although time and donations are valuable for Veteran support services, visiting Veterans can also make a difference. After returning from service, many Veterans feel isolated and unheard. You can give them community and help them process their experiences through quality time and conversation. You may even make a new friend! 

Support Your Community with Disabled Veterans Donations to Luke’s Wings 

Give back to our nation’s heroes through volunteering, acts of kindness, and donations to disabled Veterans charities. Since 2008, Luke’s Wings has provided airline tickets and emergency travel accommodations to the families and loved ones of wounded, ill, or injured service members. Our supporters’ donations and volunteer hours have directly impacted the lives of those we serve. Call (512) 971-9748 today to learn how to volunteer or donate.

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