Econ Community

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There are many players in the area’s business, economic and overall prosperity success – here’s what we’re up to.


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Some really good sources of local economic insight, from people, partners and organizations that matter to your local business success. Start here, get involved.

Economic development

Economic Development interests, initiatives and events across the region are critical to supporting both incoming and existing customers, investors, and developers of the regional economy, here West of DC. The community is broad, integrated and interactive – among the local EDAs, advisory groups, joint regional alliances, the site selector community, universities, workforce development initiatives, our Virginia legislation, etc.

Our local and regional business community does better, profits more, is more prepared when following the news and events here, contributing to the #EconDev initiatives, and networking with those focused on regional success. Some EDA ecosystems are more active, influential than others – we’ll examine and filter here as most helpful to our business communities.