Everything You Need to Know About Maintaining Your Home’s AC System

Although it’s a back-of-mind concern during the winter, homeowners rely on a functional air conditioning unit to keep their home comfortable. However, AC units suffer from malfunctions and breakdowns like all other machines. Still, you can take proactive measures and employ professional AC maintenance services to extend the life expectancy of your system and enjoy all the benefits of regulated air. 

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Below, we outline how to maintain your air conditioning unit:

Prevent Overworking

AC Maintenance Services Washington, DC, Metro Area

While the sweltering summer months may tempt homeowners to blast cool air, overworking a unit shortens its life expectancy. Slow the rate of wear and tear by being gentle with your AC unit and prevent overworking with proactive measures, including:

Setting Reasonable Temperatures

While air conditioning will create a comfortable living environment, don’t use more than you need. Your unit can’t handle running at maximum capacity for long, so set your thermostat to a temperature that provides reasonable comfort, somewhere in the range of 68 and 78 degrees.

Using a Timer

Running your air conditioning unit when nobody is home serves no purpose. Preserve your unit for when you need it most by installing a programmable thermostat, which allows you to adjust the temperature according to your schedule.

Repairing Leaks

Air duct leaks result in lost airflow, which forces AC units to work harder and compensate for the lost air. Keep an eye out for leaks so you can catch and repair them as soon as possible. Your best bet for high-quality repairs is to contact professionals. 


As with leaks, poor insulation allows cool air to escape your home’s interior. Insulating air ducts in attics and crawl spaces can help you achieve favorable temperatures and save your AC unit from unnecessary work. 

Replace Filters 

Changing filters is critical to maintaining a healthy and operable unit, a maintenance task familiar to many homeowners.  Dirty filters block airflow, reducing your AC’s efficiency. Moreover, they can result in poor air quality by adding dirt and pollutants into the air. In cases of severe dirt buildup, seek professional AC cleaning services to sanitize your air ducts and unit effectively.

Numerous AC filters are available to you, but you must consider multiple factors when making a decision. Look for the best efficiency reporting value and remember that greater efficiency requires more energy. Your final decision must balance air quality concerns with desired energy use.

Annual AC Maintenance 

Most important of all, employ professional air conditioner maintenance services annually. Professionals, such as the Argent Heating & Cooling technicians, have a trained eye to prevent breakdowns before they happen. They can perform a deep clean and inspection that involves tasks such as: 

  • Wiping down coils 
  • Adjusting/replacing fan belts 
  • Control and safety inspection 
  • Checking operating temperatures 

While such maintenance may seem like an unnecessary expense, annual air conditioning maintenance costs are much less than the price of frequent air conditioner repairs and high energy bills in the long run. 

Trusted AC Maintenance Services in the Washington, DC, Metro Area!

Washington, DC, Metro area residents can rely on Argent Heating & Cooling for high-quality AC maintenance. Our expert technicians are committed to providing efficient services that enhance air quality and indoor comfort. Whether you need routine maintenance, duct cleaning, or HVAC installations, we are dedicated to meeting your needs. Call (703) 281-6300 for more information about our services!

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