Home Additions vs. Moving to a Bigger Home

As your family grows and your needs shift, you must adapt your home as necessary. Yet outgrowing your home leaves you with two options: move or renovate. Although moving to a new home promises a fresh start, it requires time and resources you may not have to spare. On the other hand, planning a home addition offers an exciting opportunity to reimagine your layout. Let’s explore the benefits of expanding your home vs finding a new one that suits you.

Cornerstone Construction’s contracting specialists have proudly served Winchester, VA, and the surrounding area for 20 years now. A family-owned and operated business, we take pride in our craftsmanship and bringing your ideas to life. Whether you have a total renovation or an exciting addition in mind, our team can do it all. Call (540) 253-4336 or visit our website for a free estimate on your next home improvement project!

Below, we outline the pros and cons of remodeling against those of moving:

Pros of Remodeling 

  • You can stay in your neighborhood: If you love your location and its nearby amenities, a home addition allows you to stay put and still get the extra space you need. You can have the best of both worlds—more space in the location you already call home.
  • You can create your dream home: Instead of settling on a new home and compromising on your wishlist, revamp your current home to fit your new needs and preferences. With a remodel, you are limited only by your imagination (and local zoning codes)!
  • Cost-effective: Selling your home and purchasing a new one isn’t a cheap investment after factoring in all your expenses. Although large projects (such as a second-story addition) can be costly, the price of a remodel will generally be more affordable than buying a new house. 

Cons of Remodeling 

  • Mild disruption: Although less upending than a move, remodeling can disrupt your daily routine. You may have to work around the project area (even if it’s a high-traffic space) until it’s ready.
  • Choosing the right contractor: For impatient homeowners, it’s tempting to plug “home addition contractors near me” into a search engine and contact the first result. However, poorly constructed additions can almost double the cost of a home addition. So, take the time necessary to compare local renovation contractors and choose a reliable provider with a robust reputation, such as Cornerstone Construction.

Pros of Moving

Home Additions Winchester VA
  • You can explore a new location: A home remodel may provide little novelty for adventurous souls. Individuals seeking a fresh start may prefer planting their roots in a new city, state, or town.
  • Move-in ready: If you’re lucky enough to find a home with most of your preferences, you can delay its finishing touches until you’ve settled in. Moving into a turnkey home can help you avoid large construction projects if they put you off.

Cons of Moving 

  • Hidden problems: Although your real estate agents may alert you to quirks in your new home, many houses on the market have unforeseen issues you won’t discover until move-in day.
  • Finding the right house: Anyone on today’s housing marketing can tell you that finding a home is time-consuming and competitive. Those searching for their dream home should prepare for the long haul.
  • Cost: As previously mentioned, paying for a moving company, a realtor, and a new home is expensive. Typically, expenses ring up to tens of thousands of dollars. Additionally, you will need to navigate mortgage payments and property taxes.

Reimagine Your Space with High-Quality Home Additions in Winchester, VA! 

Ultimately, your decision to move or renovate will come down to preference and budget. Yet Winchester, VA, homeowners need not explore other options to find the home of their dreams. Indeed, they can expand and redesign their home with home additions from Cornerstone Construction. For a free contracting project estimate, visit our website or call (540) 253-4336 today!

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