Six Marketing Starter Packages: Boost Awareness, Leads & Revenue

Ready to step up your brand’s digital reputation and leave those amateur efforts in the dust? You’ve come to the right place! Mix+Shine has curated six starter packages designed to get your business shining online like never before.

Each one is specially crafted to tackle a different goal – whether you’re trying to boost brand awareness, generate more leads, or create ads so immaculate they’ll have your audience doing double-takes. Our team wants to help you achieve your maximum marketing potential – check out this detailed guide below outlining each of our starter packages and the unique benefits they provide:

Package 1: Look Alive

This bundle is like a glam team getting you prepped for your first major premiere on a red carpet. You’ll get regular strategizing sessions to lock down your goals, a runway-ready content shoot, 6-8 social posts monthly to keep those audience eyes glued, and the option to boost ’em for max visibility. Blog and email content creation? Check! Google Business Profile management? Heck yeah! Performance reporting to gauge your glow-up? It’s all here, bestie!

Package 2: Love It or Leave It

If generating qualified leads is your love language, this package is your match made in heaven. You’ll get marketing meetings, scroll-stopping graphics, detailed progress reports – the whole nine yards. But the real showstopper? A targeted email campaign and welcome series to attract new subscribers and build a strong email listing for your business. Your audience’s inboxes will never be the same!

Package 3: Ignite the Fire

Trying to turn those customer experiences up a notch? This package brings the heat with content creation across Facebook, Instagram, and Google Ads. You’ll get a monthly blog or email drop, plus performance reporting to analyze just how scorching hot your campaigns are.

Package 4: Show Me the Leads

If you’re keen on making your website more visible and attracting more visitors, your new BFF has just entered the chat. This bundle includes strategy sessions, content creation, design work, and Google ads aimed at pulling in potential customers. We’ll even help you with your Google Business page, get you started with SEO to improve your site’s search rankings, and provide regular reports on your progress. We see conversions in your future!

Package 5: Teach Me Your Ways

Maybe you wanna make all of the marketing power moves yourself. This package offers a personal mastery course with weekly coaching sessions from Mix+Shine’s very own marketing experts. You’ll also get goal-setting meetings and Q&A access to pick our brains whenever you need. We’ll have you strategizing like a pro in no time!

Package 6: Digital Marketing Audit

For those ready to take a hard look under the hood, our audit package offers a comprehensive digital marketing assessment. We’ll kick things off with a discovery meeting followed by a thorough channel audit to get a feel for your brand’s current performance. We’ll top it all off with a juicy strategy session to map out your glow-up and get you primed for the success you’ve been waiting for.

And now, I’mma let you finish, but Mix Shine has some of the greatest starter packages of all time! So if you like what you see and you’re interested in discussing which starter package is right for you and your business, contact us via email or social media!

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