Why You Should Hire a Roofer to Install Your Skylight

From boosting energy savings to augmenting the natural light in your home, a skylight installation provides many benefits. Yet a poorly executed project can leave behind long-term damage that compromises your home’s safety and your installation’s integrity. Given the numerous potential pitfalls and hazards of such work, you should leave it to trained professionals. Reliable roofers offer invaluable expertise, high-quality materials, and diligent safety precautions as part of their high-quality skylight installations.

Arlington, VA, homeowners can look to Augustine Roofing for such professionals. Regardless of your reason for seeking a skylight installation, you can trust our team to bring that vision to life. Our expert roofers use only top-of-the-line products and attend to every detail of the installation, ensuring a successful and safe project. To learn more about our skylight installation services, call (703) 281-7663 today!

Below, we discuss the benefits of having a roofer install your skylight:



Skylight installation calls for altering the structure of your home’s most important safeguard (the roof), which makes it a delicate and demanding process. Poor attention to detail and subpar workmanship can create leaks, gaps, and structural damage—all of which compromise your roof’s integrity and necessitate complex repairs. A layperson’s improper practices can increase the duration, stress, and cost of your project. 

Competent roofers have the expertise to eliminate such risks. These professionals will assess your roof prior to installation to avoid the disastrous consequences of adding features to structurally compromised sections. Roofers can also angle your skylight to reflect heat and prevent leaks, leading to increased energy savings and waiving the need for expensive repairs. Indeed, engaging a roofer ensures a seamless project and reduces skylight installation costs in the long run.


Quality Materials

While you may be ready to enjoy the ambiance of a new skylight, you must prepare for all of this project’s moving parts. What skylight brand will you install? Will you frame it with vinyl, wood, or metal? These are essential questions you must answer for a successful installation. Luckily, a professional roofer will have extensive knowledge of reliable materials and their unique installation requirements.

Often, roofing contractors work with preferred vendors to facilitate a smooth process with tried-and-true materials. For instance, Augustine Roofing prefers Velux skylight installations as they offer premium-quality options and hassle-free installation



Ranked one of the most dangerous professions in America, roofers are no amateurs running around on houses. They can handle volatile weather conditions, unstable ladders, and slipping hazards, among other factors that make roofing projects a dangerous venture. Skylight installation projects are no exception to such dangers. Therefore, professional roofers rely on extensive training and reliable equipment to complete these tasks as safely as possible.


Professional Skylight Installation in Arlington, VA!

Arlington, VA, homeowners ready to achieve a lasting skylight installation can look to Augustine Roofing. From start to finish, our professional roofers maintain the highest project management and workmanship standards. When you work with us, we ensure that every installation meets your vision, budget, and timeline. To learn more information or receive a free project estimate, call (703) 281-7663 today!

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